FUSE UNITS (KIT KAT) with Silver Plated Metal Parts

We are the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Kit Kat Fuse Unit. This unit is designed and manufactured in according to international quality standards. The Kit Kat Fuse Unit is available in different designs and load strength.


S.No. Volts/Amp. Cat No.
01.16/240MSG 16
02.32/240MSG 32
03.32/415MSG 32
04.63/415 Std.MSG 63 S
05.63/415MSG 63
06.100/415 Std.MSG 100 S
07.100/415MSG 100
08.100/415*MSG 100 DL
09.200/415MSG 200
10.200/415*MSG 200 DL
11.300/415*MSG 300
12.500/415*MSG 500
*With extended terminal

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